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Checking in at Home is a reliable, affordable and personal way to help make sure your loved ones are OK. It is a telephone based service which allows you to check in up to 3 times a day, with a different personalised message for each call.

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How it works

You set up who to call, the times and frequency of calls, together with who/what numbers to call if there is no answer. Once you have signed up, we will send you an e-mail confirming how to record your personalised message(s).

We then call your relative at the agreed time (s) each day. They will hear your recorded message and press any button on the handset to confirm that they are OK. If they do not press the button, or do not answer, we will try again 10 minutes later. If they still don’t answer, we will call each of your numbers in turn until we have got the message that your loved one is not answering, to allow you take any action you think fit.

Checking in at Home has been developed to meet the needs of carers who don’t always have the option of checking in on their loved ones regularly. It is not a substitute for personal face to face care, or for you for that matter but works alongside other forms of care and support, with the aim of maintaining your loved ones independence at home for as long as possible.

For any further information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.

How much does it cost

The Checking in at Home service costs £2.99 per week. Once the details have been completed on this form, you will be taken to the payment section on Paypal to input your payment details. The service cost is payable quarterly through Paypal and once you have signed up this will happen automatically until or unless you choose otherwise.

Why use Checking in at Home

It’s reliable

Once you have subscribed (and personalised the call messages if desired), the service is fully automated. Not only does this give you peace of mind, that you will be alerted promptly if anything is wrong, it also helps to maintain a routine for those you are checking in on.

It’s affordable

The core service costs only £2.99 a week (or less than 50p/day) It helps you to make more efficient use of your time.

It’s flexible

You can check in once, twice or three times a day – and you can use these slots as you see fit – greetings, medication reminders, memory jogs….You can also customise who we call if the person you are checking in on does not answer the call as expected.

It’s personal

Not only can you personalise the messages for the recipient of the Checking in service, but you can tailor the whole package to suit the recipient – with different recordings for different times of day.

Personalised messages - an example

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