Who are we checking in on?

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When should we check in on them?

Remember that you can check in on them once, twice, or three times a day. NB If you only want to check in on them once a day, leave the other two times blank.

If there is no answer, who do we call?

If there is no answer from the person you are checking in on, we will call the following people, in order, until someone answers. You can choose to list more than one number for yourself (or another person) in different slots (eg work, home, mobile). You do not have to give more than one number or contact if you don't want to - however, for the service to run as smoothly as possible we do encourage you to list three numbers, preferably those with access to your relative's house. Please also only list numbers that will be accessible during the call times listed above.

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How many times a day can I check in on someone?

When can I check in on someone?

  • You can record any message you like, eg 'Mum, have you taken your morning pills?', 'Just checking that you've had your lunch', 'Remember to bolt the back door. Goodnight, Dad.'. What you say is entirely up to you.
  • Different family members or friends can record different messages, if you wish - each message is tied to a specific call time. So, you can have up to three different messages, depending on how many times you've asked us to check in on someone.