About Brooks Healthcare

Brooks Healthcare has been providing services to support care for the elderly since 2006, including operating a range of care homes throughout the UK, offering secure, friendly and dignified care for those who need it.

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Our day to day involvement with carers and those receiving care helps us to understand the needs and wants of both. We understand that many people who may need daily care also wish to remain in their own homes, and that providing that care – the visits, phone calls and schedule juggling – can be difficult, costly and time consuming.

That’s why we developed Checking in at Home – a way to help you to maintain regular, friendly contact with your loved ones in a reliable, affordable and personal way. We’ve made it as flexible as possible and it costs less than 50p/day.

We can’t stop people being ill, or getting old but we can make it that little bit easier to care for them in their own homes.

For more about our service, please read the FAQs.


Why use Checking in at home?

It's reliable
Once you have subscribed (and personalised the call messages, if desired), the service is fully automated. Not only does this give you peace of mind that you will be alerted if anything is wrong promptly, but it also helps to maintain a routine for those that you are checking in on.

It's affordable
The core service costs only £2.99 a week (or less than 50p a day). It also makes more efficient use of your time.

It's flexible
You can check in once, twice or three times of day - and you can use these slots as you see fit - greetings, medication reminders, memory jogs.... You can also customise who we call if the person you are checking in on does not answer the call as expected.

It's personal
Not only can you personalise the messages for the recipient of the Checking in service, but you can tailor the whole package to suit the recipient - with different recordings for different times of day.

This service is not a replacement for personal care, but it does help to ease the burden of responsibility, while helping the recipient maintain their independence.